skill training for disable, job placement for disable, and developing an exclusive income generation center for the disabled

"Exclusive livelihood promotion of the disabled youngsters"

Navjeevan Trust is a public charitable trust registered (E/8927/Rajkot) on 27th November 1980 under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Navjeevan Trust is supporting to bring up children and youngsters with disabilities for their quality academic studies, medication, skill development training, job opportunities and economic empowerment. The aim of the campaign is " To make community based organization as the platform for the vocational/skill training and creation of job opportunity for the mentally and physically challenged youngsters ".

your contribution will directly help to keep a promotion in the disabled youngsters. so he or she can acquire skill training for the disabled , job placement of disabled and developing exclusive income generation center for the disabled and improve their level just like you and I did. your small contribution goes a long way in rewriting the development of future of a disabled youngsters in need. please donate and help to put the disabled youngsters where they belong the community. we review purely on livelihood promotion and their economic empowerment.

our fund raising goal

All our Community Based Organization or our beneficiaries are hailing from very poor economic background. we need to from more Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) in Oder to provide training for the disabled people and expand our program. so your donation is greatly appreciated to support this disabled children or youngsters through DPOs or vocational skill training.

  • In 2016 Navjeevan Trust formed 2 DPOs consisting 40 children and youngsters . Among the 40, 10 children from each DPO were selected for the vocational skill training (candle making, file making, handicraft work, bag making doll making) . we plan to expand our DPOs by next year
  • Now ( 2017) we have 82 children and we are planning to expand the exclusive training program
  • We need your donation for skill training programs, creation of job opportunities by developing an exclusive income generation centre on our own and hand holding support ; The cost per trainee is 30000 D
  • Donors will be able to transparently tract their donations reaching a specific disabled youngsters. Donors will also get updates on disabled youngsters improvement and performance.
  • In case we manage to exceed our goal we will use the excess fund towards helping ;

- expand the disabled peoples organizations exclusive lively hood program

We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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Skill Training for the disabled
Creation of job opportunities for disabled
develop an exclusive income generation center for the disabled

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