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Here is what sets GoCrowdera apart from other crowdfunding platforms

100% Free Fundraising with No Donor Dipping
GoCrowdera is the only platform that is absolutely and truly free and does not dip into donor dollars. Unlike other platforms claiming to be free, GoCrowdera does not seek or rely on any kind of tips or voluntary donations of contributors.
Simple Setup & Intuitive, Customizable Campaign Creator
You can personalize and share your GoCrowdera Campaign in practically no time. GoCrowdera has one of the most intuitive & feature-rich campaign story editors out there! Beautify your campaigns with rich text, images, audios, videos, infographics, and more to build visually compelling campaigns! Add your story, build some perks, choose your payment method, and you're good to go!
Mobile Friendly Campaign Creation & Donation Tool
Crowdera’s fundraising campaigns and donation websites responsive and look great on Mobile as well as Desktop. This makes it extremely easy & simple to launch a campaign or donate right from your phone! Comprehensive Social Sharing Tools Almost on every page of GoCrowdera campaign you will have multiple options for sharing on almost all social media platforms. You can also create a custom link so that your campaign is listed at a readable, informative web address!
Add Fundraising Teams
GoCrowdera is the pioneer in team fundraising software and supports two level deep network effect. Small and large groups can raise money together without hassle of managing multiple campaign while building more trust with donors as funds directly reach the primary fundraiser’s bank accounts.
Multiple Campaign Admins
It can be very helpful to have more people to manage your campaign for tweaking the story, adding updates, managing your fundraising teams, send receipts, communicate with donors and more. With Crowdera, you can easily add Admins to your GoCrowdera Campaign.
24/7 Expert Customer Success
Crowdera’s dedicated customer success officers are always ready to help you with practical anything to make your fundraising campaign succeed.
Send Updates Anytime
You can share updates about your campaign status or help you need practically from anywhere, any time you want. Compose your update and just post it to automatically send updates to all of your followers.

What the world thinks about goCrowdera

Support 😉

I ran my campaign through Crowdera in its initial phases & I greatly appreciated the support I received from the Crowdera Team .

Orly Wahba
Orly Wahba
/ Founder of Life Vest Inside

Focused 😇

I'm impressed with Crowdera's mission & how single-mindedly they are focused on solving a problem that is important & that really matters.

Gokul Rajaram
Gokul Rajaram
/ Product Engineering Lead @Square

Flexible and Convenient 🤩

I found many things flexible and convenient on Crowdera compared to others in the same space. They don’t ask you to sell your idea to them, they don’t take a fee or a commission.

Riya Mukherjee
Riya Mukherjee
/ Writer, Producer & Founder - RMWP

Experience ☺️

Its beeen a wonderful experience with whole hearted support for my cause by Crowdera and team.

Sanjay Nagar
Sanjay Nagar
/ Founder, KOHKA Foundation, Madhya Pradesh

Thanks to Crowdera 🥰

We've raised thousands of dollars to help young people in Guatemala reach their dream of furthering their education.

Michael Bakal
Michael Bakal
/ Co-ordinator, Voces Y Manos, Guatemala

Excellent Choice 😁

Crowdera was an excellent choice for us. We definitely made right decision in choosing them.

Ranu Jain Gupta
Ranu Jain Gupta
/ Vice President, MySanika Cancer Care Society Indore

Crowdera surprised me! 😋

In the fast getting crowded field of Donation Mobilization Platforms, Crowdera seems to stand apart from others.

Anand Chaturvedi
Anand Chaturvedi
/ Founder & Managing Trustee, Avasar, Bengaluru

Helpful 😃

I have always found Crowdera crew to be very helpful. I recommend Crowdera to every Non-Profit

George Rakesh Babu
George Rakesh Babu
/ Founder, Good Samaritans, Hyderabad