How goCrowdera works?

Here's how gocrowdera works

5 Simple Steps for Free and
Secure Fundraising.#justgocrowdera

05 Steps

Create Campaign
Build your campaign by posting your story and cause, setting your fund raising goal, adding compelling pictures and videos, and including optional perks!
Share on social media
Spread the word to family and friends about your fundraising efforts using integrated social media and email tools.
Team up to raise more
Invite your team or strong supporters to clone the campaign and multiply your fundraising results using our teams feature.
Engage up to raise more
Engage your supporters more by sharing updates about campaign progress on your fundraising page.
Achieve your goal
Thank your contributors for all the support they have shown, send out rewards and utilize your funds to fulfill your goals.

Pro Tips For Success on goCrowdera

More advice for setting your funding goals, creating a great campaign video, and marketing your campaign can be found on our blog along with other useful tips for success. Take a look!